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We have 3 Courses available at Stewart Magic™ Hair University (S.M.H.U.) - Take them one or take them all, depending on how big you want your business to be.

  • MasterClass: Pandemic Proof Hair Extension Business - $47

  • Learn to Be a Direct Distributor for Salons- $97

  • One on One Training for Private Label Membership - $127

Stewart Magic™ Hair University Courses

These courses are listed in the order they should be taken

Stewart Magic™ Hair University Income Boosters

Maximize Your Profits

  • I got 2 Sales...

    How to make $142,350 THIS year with only 2 sales per day. YES! Just 2 sales a day! We'll show you how we do triple that amount each day! We will show you and guide you along the way.

  • Facebook & Instagram Marketplace

    Facebook and Instagram have created an easy way to sell hair extensions (along with a little bit of everything else) on their Marketplace. You can list your products for FREE! We will show you and guide you along the way!

  • Blogging

    We offer a FREE Pro account on W.O.K.E. Author Zone in the Fashion & Beauty Industry for all new graduates. You WILL sell more hair if you start writing blog posts to educate your buyers. We will show you and guide you along the way!

Stewart Magic™ Hair University Learning Objectives

Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • Custom Branding

    We'll show you how we help our Hair Salon owners and Stylists make over $300,000 a year with our custom branding, coaching, and marketing. We do it all! Just ask us and take advantage of our exclusive discounts for graduates.

  • Hair Extension Business Marketing

    With the growing demand for hair extensions across all ethnic groups, there is even more of an opportunity for you to be in the hair extension business! We'll show you ninja marketing techniques and guide you along the way!

  • Be a Consultant & a Service Provider

    It's not enough to just do hair anymore. You have to learn to be a consultant to truly help your clients master their natural hair, and take care of any protective wigs or extensions they invest in. We'll show you and guide you along the way.

Graduate Bonuses

In addition to the valuable information in the course, we are offering these exclusive bonuses to graduates.

  • Bonus #1

    Private Label Graduates will receive 134 ways to instantly market their business, & Access to stock photos, courtesy of one of our top vendors.

  • Bonus #2

    Graduates will instantly get up to 40% off Basic & Premium Quality hair just by taking our FREE and Paid Course.

  • Bonus #3

    $10 from your purchase of each bundle/bundle deal or wig, AND our paid course, will go to support Black-Owned Businesses. We are establishing a fund, for hands-on industries like ours, to survive the next pandemic or crisis.

University Reviews

Quick Response Via What'sApp

Leyah B.

"Really quick response via what’s app and very easy to understand. I looked at many different places online at starting a hair biz, but it was all too much information. I took L. Renee's course 6 months ago, as a test case, and the information was much easier to digest than trying to absorb a bunch of articles on the internet. Can't wait for the full launch!"


Tamieka J.

Fast communication, great learning material, friendly and FUNNY instructor in the course, would highly recommend!

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

Elhauna B.

Amazing so far! I paid for 6 types of extensions after gradating from the Private Label class, and I used my 40% discount. Amazing value. The class resources were opened to me within 2 hours of purchase and the FREE sample hair arrived 7 days after I paid (there was a weekend in the middle as well). The online training videos are super easy to follow and the written manuals, which I purchased extra, are easy to understand.


Pam T.

Love love love this University with all their teachers the owner and especially Renee, They assure that students obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to perform great work and lots of extra services and help even after graduating! Would recommend 100%!

I'm a Boss...Literally!

Janiece C.

I think it's a good course for anybody who wants to enter into the beauty salon business. It has given me more insight into the hair extension business, instead of trying to find everything on Google. Thanks to L Renee', now I have gained a lot of knowledge and tips that I didn't know earlier on in my hair career. In fact I am going to apply what I have learned to correct a few mistakes I've been making. For one, not treating this profession as a consulting business and not just a service business. I strongly recommend this course to anybody who wants to enter into hair salon or hair extensions.

New Hairstylist

Hair By Monet

I was unable to graduate from Cosmetology school when L Renee' hit me about her new course. I'm a hairstylist running a very small, home-based business. I wanted to expand my business, but didn't know how to start. This is my first experience taking a course on with her as the instructor and it went really well. I have made a list of things I need to do before opening my own hair business. The lectures are very helpful even if you don't know a single thing about salons or hair extensions, You'll learn the major points and terminology through this tutorial for sure.


L. Renee' Chubb, CEO | 614-638-7738 on What'sApp


Latasha Chubb

L. Renee’ Chubb, CEO and Founder of Stewart Barber Boutique and Stewart Magic™ hair extension, hair care product, and skincare line. Partnered with Joelle R. Patterson as COO, to form this exquisite boutique. This experience, this journey is dedicated to the two individuals who made me who I am today. My grandparents, Herman and Madge Stewart. Their grooming habits live on, and as Stewart Boutique we want you to experience our magical transformations and natural processes as well. We are proud to be a specialty boutique for Cancer and Alopecia clients by our COO, the #1, Licensed, truly natural hair care consultant in Columbus, Ohio. We certainly welcome anyone looking simply to get “beat” or come in for a quick event hairstyle. Our boutique prides itself on being a premier boutique experience with quality, exceptional service and most importantly, hair magic! We are certified, medical wig providers and Cancer and Alopecia patients have a special place in our hearts.

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Your Next Goal

After you get the hang of things...come back and check out how to start your own custom branded hair extension business

  • $127.00

    $127.00Stewart Magic™ Hair University: One on One Training for Private Label Membership with Video Training

    Want to start your own custom hair extensions business and don't know where to start? If you've taken our FREE classes, the next step is simply a no-brainer.